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Why do I need Apple device management?

  • Apple hardware is popular in the enterprise because of its elegant esthetic, built-in security and ease of use.
  • Apple iOS devices and macOS laptops are popular BYOD options for enterprise workers, but they are challenging to secure and manage.
  • You need to lockdown your Apple devices to maintain security and compliance while preventing non-productive use.
  • You want to use Apple's enterprise programs (DEP and VPP) for rapid deployment of devices and apps for your business.

Secure and manage all Apple devices

SOTI MobiControl secures and manages all Apple devices — Laptop or mobile, iOS & macOS, COPE, COBO or BYOD. Integrated application and content management features broaden the business mobility capabilities of your Apple devices while maintaining security and protecting valuable company data.

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SOTI MobiControl and iOS - Getting Started

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